Nature Park Učka

The Istria's highest peak, Vojak, is located on Učka. The nature park includes not only Učka but also a part of Ćićarija. The sea vicinity conditioned the development of the specific climate and rich fauna and flora.

Located on one of the northern most points of the Mediterranean, the Učka Mountain dominates over Istria by connecting it with the continent. The view from its highest peak, Vojak, extends beyond the visible encompassing not only Istria, but also the islands of Kvarner, and even the Alpes and Venice. The nature park includes the namesake mountain and a part of Ćićarija, a total surface of 160 square meters. The vicinity of the sea and the Učka relief conditioned the development of the specific climate and lavish vegetation, which resulted in the emergence of the nature park. Učka was declared the protected area in April 1999. Rich meadow and other anthropological habitats of Učka hide numerous endemic, endangered and protected plant and animal species. The endemic Učka bellflower has been preserved on the park area. Some rare birds can also be seen such as the griffon vulture and golden eagle. The major surface of Učka is covered by beech with some hornbeam, oak and black pine . Economically, sweet chestnut is of particular importance.