Parenzana - the Path of Health and Friendship

Parenzana used to be the railroad connecting Poreč and Trieste. Today, it is a hiking and biking route, which viaducts and tunnels create a special atmosphere.


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Parenzana used to be the railroad which connected Poreč and Trieste from 1902 until 1935. It was a fundamental economic link which connected Istria with the world, and facilitated the development of the poorest parts of Istria of that time by transporting agricultural products of north-west Istria such as wine, fruit, vegetables and grain. In light of its great potential as well as the importance it had for the entire Istrian peninsula, its revitalisation started in 1996. The first cleared section of the railroad connected Vižinada and Motovun, which was followed by a bike marathon. The project went on. It was introduced internationally to secure funds for its renovation and clearing. The istrian section of the Parenzana winds through beautiful valleys, over green hills, through vineyards and along olive groves passing medieval towns. Its renovation has discovered new Istrian landscapes. The railroad is special for its tunnels and viaducts, the master pieces of the architecture of the time, of which there are eight and six, respectively. As the town of Buje was a starting station for the Parenzana trains leaving for Trieste and Poreč, the bike routes have been established in two directions: the one from Buje to the Slovenian border and the other via Grožnjan and Motovun to Vižinada. There are recognizable yellow signs put up along the way with information on historic viaducts, tunnels and railway stations along the track. The former railroad can be used for biking, trekking and hiking. It can also be toured by a little train.