St. Mark's Storage

St. Mark's storage was erected in the 17th c. It was used for storing salt from nearby Koper salt mines.


Pristaniška ulica 1

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From Tito Square go along Kidričeva Street, go down by the Koper Regional Museum (the Belgramoni-Tacco Palace) on the left, the Totto ex Gavardo Palace on the right, all the way to Carpaccio Square where the Tavern is located – formerly St.Mark's Storage.

Apart from the walls and the ancient Koper port, a former Porporella, the 17th century St. Mark's salt storage, known today as the Taverna stands out. Located on the Carpaccio square, the St. Mark's storehouse was used for keeping and storing salt from nearby Koper salt mines. Koper was given the monopoly on continental salt import thanks to its devotion to Venice during Serenissima's eternal conflicts with Istrian towns.