The Baradine Pit

The Baredine Pit is a protected geomorphologial monument of nature. The Proteus anguinuse lives there. The pit interior is lavishly decorated with calcium deposits forming magnificent shapes.


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How to get there:

Trieste - Pula (fast road), exit Višnjan /Poreč-north, continue in the direction of Poreč for 5 km to the Baredine Pit


Next to the Pit, the exhibition called the Tractor Story was set up - the exhibition of tractors through history as well as the exhibits of bread, olive oil and wine.

The Baredine Pit is located near the village of Nova Vas. It is a protected geomorphologic monument of nature. Its depth is 132 meters. The pit was discovered in several exploration phases. During first ones, which took place in the early 1900s, the depth of 80 meters was reached. During the 1970s, the present depth was reached. At its lowest level, 16 meter deep subterranean lakes with permanent subterranean water were found. It is open for tours. The path was established for tourists going through five halls and reaching the depth of 60 meters. Following a steep vertical entrance, the pit interior gets covered by lavishly decorated calcite deposits, stalactites, stalagmites and dripstone columns of various colours. They form interesting and unusual shapes such as a very realistic statue of the Mother of God, a ten meter high drapes, a body of shepherdess Milka, the Leaning Tower of Pisa or a Snowman the torchbearer that have become the cave symbol. There is a 13th century love legend connecting the Baredine Pit and shepherdess Milka. According to it, nobleman Gabriel from Poreč fell in love with beautiful shepherdess Milka from Nova Vas. Evil Gabriel's mother could not stop their love, so she gave three ducats to bandits to kill beautiful Milka secretly. They did not kill her, but threw her into the pit. Having learnt of the evil destiny of his beloved, Gabriel mounted the horse and disappeared. Only the horse was found. The story says that the petrified body of unfortunate shepherdess Milka has been slowly sliding towards the bottom of the pit, searching for her loved one, where it can be seen today. This adventure at a constant temperature of 13-14 degrees gives you an opportunity to meet subterranean animal kingdom, especially the Proteus anguinus, the endemic species that lives only in these karst areas.