The Basilica Biking and Hiking Trail

The Basilica trail is a biking and hiking route with established educational signs. Its intention is to increase the value of the Limes trail. The Basilica passes some important historical sites.

The Basilica trail is a biking and hiking route, which 19 kilometres have been trying to increase the potential of the already existing Limes trail. The entire length of the trail has a gastronomic and educational character as well. There are 11 educational signs as well as 10 directional ones set up on the main trail points. It stretches from Valalta or the Basilica valley, along the wide area of the Lim Channel, the Rovinj Village, intertwining with the former Kanfanar-Rovinj railroad. The Basilica trail passes several important historical sites such as the churches of St. Bartholomew, St. Christopher, St. Thomas or St. Proto, as well as the abandoned Roman quarry. There are four resting points established along the trail, in the vicinity of the Churches of St. Thomas, St. Christopher and St. Proto and at the Lim Channel viewpoint. One part of the trail has been asphalted, while the other is macadam. Landscapes with vineyards, olive groves and orchards, as well as protected natural beauties and rich vegetation stretching along the Lim Channel, make this trail particularly charming.