The Carli Palace

Another of many magnificent Baroque monuments is the Carli Palace with interesting oval windows on its ground floor. Its Gothic features are visible in its irregular layout.


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From Tito Square go down to Čevljarska Street. Take a small staircase and turn right into Župančičeva Street. The Carli Palace is immediately on the left.

One of the most important Baroque monuments, the Carli Palace, was named after the Count of Koper and the encyclopaedia writer Gian Rinaldo Carli. Its facade and the interior layout are typically Baroque. As with many other buildings in Koper, the Carli Palace facade also has a semi-circular portal on its ground floor with the relief of a man's head on its top. The triple lancet window and a stone balustrade balcony are above the portal. The facade stands out with its small rimmed oval windows on the mezzanine, usually not seen on Koper Baroque palaces. The inner yard facade is also architecturally rich. The Gothic well from 1418 has also been preserved. Despite its Gothic origin, shown in the irregular layout and the rigidity of the structure itself, the facade, although Baroque, is less lavishly decorated than the others of the time. Nearby was the Church of St. Clement, which position is currently unknown. The Carli Palace was originally the property of the St. Clement Order. It was restored during the Baroque into its present form. The Carli family used it as their residence in the 18th century.