The Carpaccio House and the Square in Koper

Carpaccio square in Koper is decorated by the Column of St. Justine and the capital shaped well. There is also the namesake house. It is said to be the birthplace of painter Vittore Carpaccio.


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From Tito Square go along Kidričeva Street, go down by the Koper Regional Museum (the Belgramoni-Tacco Palace) on the left, the Totto ex Gavardo Palace on the right, all the way to Carpaccio Square.

Located behind the St. Mark's storehouse is Carpaccio square with the Column of St. Justine from 1572 and the Koper coat of arms marking the victory over Venice in the Battle of Lepanto in which a Koper galley took part as well. Along the same axis as the Column of Justine is the mid 15th century well shaped as a capital. The well was transported from Venice, and placed on the Capraccio square as late as 1935. The 14th century Venetian-Gothic residential two-storey building known as the Capraccio House is located on the square at number 6. Although it was said to be a birthplace of Venetian painter Vittore Carpaccio, it is more probable that Vittore's son Benedetto Carpaccio lived there until the mid 16th century. This beautiful example of the Gothic architecture with Gothic windows on its second floor owes its present look to comprehensive restorations in 1935 and 1955.