The Church of St. Anthony

Despite being rather damaged, the plasticity of characters on the frescoes in St.Anthony church shows their past lavishness.



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+ 385 (0)52 567 173

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The Church of St. Anthony is located in front of the town entrance, in the near vicinity of the main town gates.


The church key is in the Barban Parish Office, phone: + 385 (0)52 567 173

The Church of St. Anthony, with the bell gable, is located in front of main town gates. It belongs to the 14th century folk Gothic period. Its interior with preserved medieval mural paintings from the early 15th century, rich in Glagolitic graffito, is an example of the influence of the Bolognese school of painting. Despite being rather damaged, numerous figures of outstanding plasticity can be seen, witnessing the past luxury of these frescoes. The historical and artistic interpretation of these mural paintings has been provided by Branko Fučić, who says that this painting style belongs to the Early Quattrocento still under the trecento influences of the north Italian school of painting. Scenes from the life of St. Anthony are shown along the south and north wall, while the east one shows the scene of the Mother of God Enthroned. Numerous saints are depicted in the bottom part: St. Ursula, St. Blaise, St. Dionis.....The system of bordures and the ornamental repertoire is characteristic, connecting this iconography with the one in the small Church of St. Catherine in Svetvinčent, painted by the workshop under a strong influence of then existent South Tyrol school of wall painting.