The Church of St. Rocco in Roč

The St. Rocco sanctuary is decorated by double layers of frescoes, which can be connected with the circle of John from Kastav, whose frescoes can be found throughout Istria.

In the St. Rocco sanctuary, a little church built in the medieval Romanesque style, two layers of frescoes have been preserved. The older 14th century one can only partially be seen, sufficient to recognize the scenes of St. Peter and Paul martyrdom including St. Jacob's miracle. Above is a layer of frescoes which can be connected with the John of Kastav circle, whose frescoes are found in Hrastovlje, Gradišće and Podpeč as well as in Barban and Božje polje. In the bottom part of the fresco are arches with a row of apostles, and the upper, more damaged, provides hints of the Christ in Glory. The scene can be recognized by two animals with scrolls, the lion and an eagle, symbols of evangelists Mark and John, accompanied by the ox (Luke) and the angel (Matthew), standing around the throne sat on by Christ. Frescoes were first dated to 1470, before the restauration found the Glagolitic graffito which moved the date to the end of the 15th century. The graffito was made by Šimun Greblo, a known Glagolitic priest from Roč. Glagolitic graffito often appears on other Istrian frescoes, including the Vižinada ones.