The Glagolitic Lane

The Glagolitic Lane runs along the Roč-Hum road. It is the most important monument dedicated to the Glagolitic movement. Eleven individual monuments were erected as witnesses of the Glagolitic script.


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The Glagolitic Lane is the most important monument commemorating the Glagolitic followers and the Glagolitic script. It runs along the road from Roč to Hum. The Lane is the project of the Chakavian Parliament, designed by Zvane Črnja and realized through the work of professor Josip Bratulić and sculptor Želimir Janeš. Emerging from 1977 until 1985, it bears witness to centres of the Croatian medieval Glagolitic literature in Istria pointing to Slavic roots and the literacy of the time as well as to its continuity from the 9th century until the present day. There are 11 individual monuments along the lane. The first, underneath Roč, is the Pillar of the Chakavian Parliament, a sculpture shaped as the Glagolitic letter S symbolizing the first Slavic script and the beginnings of the Slavic literacy. Next in line, on the left and right side of the road, all the way to the town gates of Hum, stretch the remaining ten monuments: Table of Cyril and Methodius, Chair of Kliment of Ohrid, Glagolitic Lapidarium, Gorge of the Croatian Lucidar, Belvedere of Gregory of Nin, Gradient of the Survey of Istrian Land Boundaries, Wall of Croatian Protestants and Heretics, Resting Area of Juri the Deacon, Monument of Resistance and Freedom, and the Hum Gates at its end.