The Holy Spirit Church

The interior of the Holy Spirit Church is filled with biblical frescoes such as the Escape to Egypt and the Last Supper.


Bembo 7

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The church is located in the centre of Bale, in the near vicinity of the main square. The famous Soardo-Bembo castle is also located on the main square.


The church is always open.

Bale, once an important castle ruled by the Patriarch of Aquileia, today only two wall rings. However, its true wealth is hidden in the parish church with the crypt and the important Pre-Romanesque sculpture of Bale and its surrounding, showing the past importance of the place. The churches of Bale are also known for their frescoes, mural paintings, especially the Church of Holy Spirit. Modest in size, but with superb 15th century Gothic architecture stone masonry on its facade. Built from regular stone blocks with stone top covers i.e. shelters, it has preserved a beautiful detail of a profile stone frame for eternal light in the middle of the spiky ceiling. The minute chapel interior is intertwined with frescoes, which have recently been connected with the work of Albert from Constanca on Lake Boden. Although he had painted the burial scene of St. Paul the Hermit in the nearby church of St. Anthony as well as several others throughout Istria, true richness of Albert's repertoire is found in the Church of Holy Spirit. Space-wise, the most impressive are the scenes of the Escape to Egypt, the Massacre of Innocent Children and the Last Supper, filled with numerous details which do not allow any rest for the observing eye. Apart from the usual scenes of the Christological iconography on the sanctuary wall, Master Albert from Constanca also painted the scene of the Throne of Grace with Saints. His opus shows numerous influences, primarily those from the Venetian Floral Gothic (gotico fiorito), central European influences from Germany and Czech, and Early Renaissance characteristics.