The Koper Fontico

The Koper Fontico was used as a granary. It is a Venetian structure with Renaissance and Gothic windows.


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Start from Tito Square, pass the Cathedral and continue south towards Brolo Square. Near the Church of St. Jacob, the view of the fontico stretches on the left.

Brolo Square is encircled by numerous historical and architecturally important buildings, one of which is the Fontico which used to be the granary as well as the storage for other ingredients. Its construction started in the late 14th century. It was first mentioned in 1392 and finalized around 1460 having experienced some facade changes. The main facade of this Venetian-Gothic structure has lavishly carved architectural details such as the Renaissance and Gothic windows and a series of coats of arms of more important Koper mayors with style features ranging from the Gothic to the Renaissance.