The Mramornica Cave

The Mramornica Cave is one of the biggest and most beautiful in Istria. Thanks to its established and safe paths, its amazing interior can be explored.


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Mramornica Cave, one of the biggest and most beautiful caves of the Istrian peninsula, is located near Brtonigla, in north-west Istria. It was first mentioned in 1770 when it was visited and described by well-known travel writer Alberto Fortis. Although the cave was first mentioned in the 18th century, local population knew of it from the ancient time. In the prehistoric era, Mramornica was used by the inhabitants of ancient Istria. Today there are established and well protected walking paths going inside the cave taking curious visitors deep into its interior and providing them with a superb view of unreachable parts. Many subterranean chambers are decorated by multi-coloured stalactites and stalagmites reaching the height of 13 m.