The Ornithological Reserve in Sečovlje

More than 270 species of birds live in the ornithological reserve in Sečovlje. By connecting the sea and swamp, a separate ecosystem has emerged. Thus, in 2001, it was declared the nature park.


Seča 115

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There used to be several swamp areas along the Slovenian coast. Only few remained as most of them were turned into salt works. Despite former salt works existing in Koper, Izola and Lucija, only those in Strunjan and Sečovlje have been preserved, probably the most important ones. The Sečovlje salt works cover the surface of 650 hectares. It is divided into two parts, one known as Lera for producing salt by using the traditional method, and the other Fontanigge, where the Salt Museum is located. By connecting the sea and the swamp into brackish water and establishing a land connection, a separate ecosystem specific of the area has emerged. It is primarily significant as the ornithological reserve with more than 270 bird species and as many as 90 nesting ones. The ornithological reserve and the Sečovlje salt works were declared the nature park in 2001, and the Salt Museum the monument of culture. It was also listed among protected sites of the Ramsar Convention in 1993 aimed at swamp preservation.