The Palazzo Hotel

The Palazzo Hotel is the oldest hotel in Poreč, erected in 1910 as the Palace. It was commissioned by Austrian Friedrich Klein to be put up on the artificially erected sea embankment.

At the very end of the Poreč peninsula is the Palazzo Hotel, the oldest hotel in Poreč. Its original name was Palace. It was owned by Österreichische Riviera, and commissioned by Austrian Friedrich Klein. The hotel was erected on the artificially erected sea embankment, and opened in 1910, which was recorded in Polaer Tagblatt, the Pula diary of the time. After having been bombarded three times during the WW2, its renovation started in 1948 and finished in 1953, when it opened for business. The hotel changed its name into Riviera in the same year, and had only 198 beds. The hotel was out of function and neglected for a while, only to be sold to a private owner after the Homeland War, who re-named it Palazzo as he was unable to use its original name. The hotel was completely renovated and refurbished and its golden age glow from the time of its construction re-lit.