The Roman country villa in the Verige Bay

The villa in the Verige Bay is the most important example of the Roman country-style architecture in Istria. The villa stretched for almost a kilometre. It included the spa, the library, the palestra...


Veliki Brijun

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The Verige Bay on the eastern side of the Brijuni Islands hides the ancient Roman villa, the most impressive castle of the period as well as the most valuable example of the Antiquity-period country architecture in Istria. The country villa was erected in phases during the 1st century AD. Located by the sea, it stretched for almost a kilometre. The spa was placed inside the complex. The private beach was decorated by multi-coloured mosaics which are still visible today, showing flora and fauna. The castle consisted of residential and economic premises, separately for the owner and guests. Apart from the spa, the villa also provided other luxurious amenities such as the palestra (wrestling school) and the library. All structures within the complex are mutually connected by a peristyle loggia facing the sea, thus rounding the villa up. The terrace-styled gardens encircling three temples on the west side of the Veriga Bay were planted around the residential area in the semi-circle and connected by a semi-circle portico. As a sculpture of Aphrodite was found, one of the temples was defined as the Temple of Venus. Temples are an example of extraordinary composition. Apart from being located on the coastline, they are also a central part of the entire residential complex, a symmetry of an ideal square composed of architectural units. Their decorative elements bear great resemblance to temples on the Pula Forum.