The Salamon Palace

One of the most beautiful examples of the Venetian architecture is the Salamon Palace in Gračišće, with its Gothic and Renaissance elements.


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Gračišće, the small town or the urbanized village, was never a part of the Venetian Republic. However, it was an integral part of the Pazin County, and as such a part of the Empire, which became the Monarchy at a later stage. Despite it, Gračišće has one of the most beautiful examples of the Venetian architecture in Istria: the Salamon Palace. Located next to the main gate, this harmonious two-storey building was constructed from the carefully chiselled local stone. Architectural elements of the Gothic and Renaissance styles, popular in Venice in the late 15th century, exchange on the two storeys along the facade. The first floor with the double lancet window and the balcony represents the Floral Gothic, while more simple windows with semi-circular arches and a row of classical decorations are on the second. It is easy to recognize that this palace was built by the same masters who were building houses in Poreč at the same time.