The Sinčić Palace

The Sinčin Palace is the best preserved as well as the most significant Baroque palace in Poreč. Today it is used by the Heritage Museum of the Poreč Region.


Decumanus 9

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Poreč experienced progress in the 18th century, when several large economic buildings were erected. The best preserved is the Sinčić Palace. Constructed in the 1730s, it belonged to the Sinčić family. Today it is the site of the Heritage Museum. The Sinčić Palace is the biggest and the most significant Baroque palace in Poreč by its dimensions, the construction as well as the actual execution of its decorative details. The facade of this spacious house is enriched by profiled windows and portal frames, and an elegant balcony in its centre. The second floor balcony stands out on the central part of the facade. The yard at its back with a long, two-storey economic structure dates from the same period. Today, the palace ground floor has been turned into the museum bar with the Sinčić Gallery on the first floor. The yard of the former palace has also been used by the museum as its lapidarium.