The Soardo-Bembo Palace

The magnificent Soardo-Bembo palace in Bale has a monumental 16th c. Gothic-Renaissance facade.


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Bale is a little town only a few kilometres away from the sea. It is located on the hill protruding from the wide plain. A thick town tissue of concentric and radial streets was placed within the walls and towers of the former defensive system. Above the town gate and between the two towers of defensive walls, the palace of the Soardo family was built, later taken over by the Bembo family, after whom the palace Soardo-Bembo was named. It is the most significant structure in Bale, attracting the visitors with the beauty of its recently renovated Gothic-Renaissance facade. The monumental facade faced west with two wide quadrifores, four windows separated by pillars, simple Gothic windows on its side. The closed wall mass, simplicity and the absence of carved details led experts to the conclusion that the facade was made in the 14th century. However, it was built in the early 16th century. During the centuries, the palace changed its purpose and owners. The oldest coat of arms is the one of the Nadal family, who ruled it from 1400 until 1470. Its purpose was changed in the 15th century; from the fortified defensive structure to the impressive residential building. In the following century, the ownership of the castle was taken over by the Bembo family, who used it as the site for numerous social gatherings. The exterior of the Soardo-Bembo palace has recently been restored. Its original side tower windows, once built shut, were re-opened. The palace renovated premises are used today by the Italian Community.