The Tartini House

Once known as Casa Pizagrua, today the Tartini House, is the seat of the Italian Community in Piran and a birthplace of violinist and composer Giuseppe Tartini.


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The Tartini House in Piran, a birth town of Giuseppe Tartini, a well known violinist and a composer, is located on the square. It is one of the oldest houses surrounding it. It was first mentioned in 1384 as a Gothic structure called Casa Pizagrua. With its later renovations, it obtained its present Neo-Classicistic appearance. The Tartini House often underwent renovations. The one which ended in 1991 discovered interesting frescoes within the house. Today it is the seat of the Italian Community and the site of numerous cultural events and art workshops. It also has a library, Diego de Castro's legacy. The memorial room dedicated to Giuseppe Tartini is on the first floor and open for public. It contains Tartini's numerous personal things, the most important of which are the burial mask, the Tartini's self-portrait, his will and numerous documents as well as his violin, the magnificent and prestigious Amati.