The Totto ex Gavardo Palace

The reddish facade of the Totto ex Gavardo Palace connects three earlier structures. Apart from its interesting exterior with the relief of St. Mark's lion, the palace's interior is also fetching.


Kidričeva 22

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From Tito Square go along Kidričeva Street, go down by the Koper Regional Museum (the Belgramoni-Tacco Palace) on the left, a few steps down on the right side is the Totto ex Gavardo Palace

The Totto ex Gavardo Palace is located on Kidrič Street, not far from Carpaccio Square. Today it consists of three structures which were connected in a long shape in the 18th century. Its reddish facade forms a row of rectangular doors on the ground floor and windows above it. On the central part of the palace, above one of its doors, protrudes a stone Baroque relief of St. Mark's lion set up in 1924. The relief, which is the best quality example of its type in Koper, used to embellish the Lion Town, a fortress which controlled the road connecting the interior and the town. The palace is also known for its interesting interior, primarily the atrium, stairs and numerous floor and wall paintings adorning it. Underneath modern arches is a beautiful stone staircase, which used to be the entrance into the home of the former noble family, who just as many others, left their native Koper soon after the WW2. What used to be a lavish home, is today an unkempt building with badly preserved frescoes.